Colorful and creative Christmas

Colorful and creative Christmas

This is probably the last brand I will mention prior to Christmas. But I really wanted to have it mentioned, at it is a brand I am totally in love with, since I was born more or less.

It’s Faber-Castell, the manufacturer of high-quality pens and pencils.

My mum is a painter, so you can imagine, that I was probably painting before I was even able to walk or talk. And painting it’s definitely more fun with good quality colors. But it’s not only about painting, another form of art is hand-lettering. Also a passion of mine, and therefore I was super excited to attend a handlettering workshop by Faber-Castell with Cornelia Studer.

Isn’t it much nicer to get a beautifully handwritten Christmas card, or gift bag, than just a gift which was probably wrapped by a store assistant?

I got a lot of inspiration at the workshop and hope that I’ll be able to inspire you too with my post. And I would also like to share some interesting Facts with you:

  • The German company “Faber” was founded 1761 by carpenter Kaspar Faber
  • 1898, when the company was already successful in the fifth generation, Ottilie Faber inherited “Faber”, as her father died very young. She got married to Alexander Graf zu Castell-Rüdenhausen, but they kept her name on the first position and Castell on the second, a very progressive procedure, which needed the approval from the king himself! From then on, the company was renamed to Faber-Castell.
  • 1908 the “Polychromos”, a colored pen in 60 shades was marketed. It’s till today a must-have for every artist.
  • 1949 the first ball point pen was marketed.
  • Since 30 years Faber-Castell plants their own forests, in order to guarantee a sustainable and environmental friendly production of their products

Do you usually write and decorate the Christmas cards and gifts?

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