Anchors of Happiness

Anchors of Happiness

I am writing this post very spontaneously. I initially posted these pictures only on Instagram, with some thoughts. And then I thought these thoughts might deserve a post.

It’s about happiness, about experiencing happiness, capturing it and make use of it in darker moments.

Capture the happiness

I have been doing this for quite a while: In very happy moments I take a picture of the moment or the situation and define this moment and picture as an anchor of happiness. I really try to internalize this very feeling, so I can access it whenever I need it. Recently I read about this technique in a “smart” book, so I guess it cannot be that wrong. For me it really works: When I look at these “anchor”-pictures in moments I’m feeling blue, they suddenly bring a smile to my face and lightness to my heart.

Front row seats at the miu miu show

These pictures where shot in such a happy moment. Stella Pardo, an amazing Parisian label, invited me to their showroom and let me borrow some of their beautiful next season clothes to shoot. After the shoot, the taxi driver wanted to bring us, my friend Michèle who shot these pictures, and me straight to the miu miu show. I guess we looked so happy and confident, that he assumed, that we had some front row seats for this exklusive show! Hahaha!

In the next year I will tell you more about Stella Pardo on my blog, I am convinced you’ll love it!

Until then, capture all these moments of happiness, you might be glad to have them one day….

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