Look of the week: fashionable cement bags

Look of the week: fashionable cement bags

Now you might think „What? How can a cement bag be fashionable?”. But trust me, it is! Thanks to the label „Elephbo“.

I will introduce prior to Christmas a few labels and products to you which I got to know in the course of this year and which I really like. Maybe it helps you as a Christmas gift inspiration?


The first of these labels is Elephbo.

I discovered this Swiss label at the Fashionhotel back in Spring 2017. First I spotted the designs, which strongly differentiated from everything I knew, and then I leared more about the history and thoughts behind this young and innovative brand:

Elephbo was founded by Nicolas Huxley back in 2014, a young Swiss-Australian guy who loves to travel. On one of his trips trough Cambodia, something attracted his attention: There were colorful cement bags all over. This beautiful trash inspired him to found his label „Elephbo“. Cement bags are light and robust at the same time, and the beautiful prints are the perfect base for unique and cool streetwear.

Initially Nicolas and his designer Giulia Pasanisi started to create only different kind of bag. The feedback was so positive, that they developed more creations, such as backpacks, caps, shoes etc. The first collection was funded by Nicolas himself. For the second collection he set up a successful  crowdfunding campaign with Kickstarter. This video explains nicely the thoughts and processes of Elephbo.

In the meantime Elephbo managed to make contracts with several construction companies, to get their empty cement backs (instead of them throwing the bags away).

And there are more designs to come in the new year! Most probably not only with cement bags from Cambodia but also from Zimbabwe and Ruanda…!

Nicolas works with local producers in Cambodia and Bosnia with a strong emphasis on fair conditions for the workers and high quality products. Thanks to Elephbo over 25’000 cement bags were recycled so far. Additionaly Elephbo set up a cooperation with the NGO „Naga Earth“, which creates innovative recycling ideas and workshops in Cambodia, like brick stones from recycled plastic etc.

If you check out Elephbo’s webshop, you will see that the prices are more than reasonable.

My personal favorite is the Weekender with the tiger on it (which was unfortunately not on stock and therefore not on the pictures).

Which piece do you like most?

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