Always Vodka-Soda

Always Vodka-Soda

Yesterday I started with a little pre-christmas mini-series introducing a few labels and products to you which I got to know in the course of this year and which I really like, maybe as a little Christmas gift inspiration…

The second product I have been using now for about half a year, is my little magic sparkle-machine, my Soda Stream!

I am a huge fan. Thanks to my Soda Stream I can have a Vodka-Soda anytime I want …hahaha! Given there is enough Vodka around.  And also with no Vodka, there are so many moments, where sparkling water just tastes better than tap water! And usually, if such a moment arrives, you either have no sparkling water at home, or you have a whole wine cellar full of sparkling water, which means you had to carry around a lot of weight and afterwards, you have tons of bottles to recycle. With the Soda Stream you can „produce“ sparkling water, whenever you fancy it. With no planning, not weight carrying and no recycling. The only thing that has to be replaced every now and then (after around 60 liters of sparkling water), is the cartridge. The empty cartridges will be cleaned, refilled and resold.

To cut the long story short, with Soda Stream you safe money, time, weight lifting, and you do something good for your environment and your desire for Vodka-Soda. Especially in a country like Switzerland, where the tap water is almost better than the bottled still water, it’s an absolute must-have for Soda lovers.

By the way, I love to „pimp up“ my Soda with Vodka (ok…I think you got that point), but also with frozen berries (like on the picture), cucumber, star anise, peppermint and so forth, the possibilities are unlimited.

Currently you can buy the Soda Stream with three glass bottles for a special price of  CHF 149.90 instead of CHF 216.00. You find all the details here.

I personally like the glass bottles much better than the plastic ones, however, they are quite delicate, already two of my three broke…

Are you more of a still or sparkling water type? And what about Vodka-Soda…?

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