Valentine and Valentina

Valentine and Valentina

It’s again that day oft he year, which some lovers love, some singles hate and even many couples don’t even celebrate, as they think it’s only a commercial thing.

Celebrate celebrations whenever you can

I personally love to celebrate any kind of special day, I would probably even celebrate the international anti-celebration day..hahaha!

I think you should treat your beloved ones every day nicely, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded, that it’s not just „normal“ that you have lovely people around you, be it a partner, a good friend, your family or even your pet.

Today I spent the day with one of my best friends, amazing makeup artist Michèle, and her lovely sister Dominique, who was so kind to take these pictures for us.

We were strolling around in a magical corner of Seoul, the Ihwa Mural Village, which is full of beautiful street art. Michèle and I decided to wear a partner look today, with white adidas originals (which are not so white anymore, as we are actually also wearing them, not only for the picture), heart socks, track pants, and a “love”-pullover which be bought when we were at the last Paris Fashion Week together.

Partner looks between friends and lovers are very trendy in Korea, and we thought it’s the perfect occasion to follow this trend.

What’s your opinion about Valentine’s day?

adidas originals (bought at Hot-T in Seoul), ca. 70 Chf / track pants: Hallhuber (bought at Fashion Fish Premium Outlet) ca. 59 Chf, / heart socks, bought in Seoul, ca. 1 Chf /Love-Sweaters, bought at Woop Store in Paris, ca. 59 Chf

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