Look of the week: Swiss cheese meets Korean candy

Look of the week: Swiss cheese meets Korean candy

Hello lovelies!

After a little break, I am super happy to present you again „the look of the week“.

This month it will be some South Korean inspired looks. I spend the whole month of February in Seoul for makeup and writing jobs.

The fashion here is so beautiful and inspiring, an eclectic mix between minimalistic classy Scandinavian fashion, sporty-punky UK styles and of course a twist of Asian craziness.

Here it’s between 3 and minus 15 degrees Celcius (which corresponds 37 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit). Those who know me, know that I start feeling confortable from 25 degrees Celcius (68 degrees Fahrenheit), so you can imagine this is kind of an extreme situation for me, also fashion wise.

There is only one thing I can do: layering layer over layer!

The look of the week consists of flared 7/8 jeans, sporty socks, white adidas sneakers, a turtleneck pullover with a bit of mohair (unterneath another two shirts), and my currently favorite white shirt from Chantilli. I am usually wearing a down jacket and two down coats, but for the purpose of an average normal picture I took the first two jacket-layers off, and just wear the top layer my absolut favorite down coat by Korean label rolarola including the matching cap.

Do you like this sporty winter look? Did you ever experience such a cold, and how do you manage do still keep yourself warm?

Sneakers: adidas, ca. 60 USD / Jeans: 8 Seconds, ca. 40 USD / Rollkragenpulli: Uniqlo, Ca. 15 USD / T-Shirt: Chantilli, ca. 50 USD / Mantel: rolarola, ca. 350 USD / Cap: rolarola, ca. 25 USD

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