Rome wasn’t built in a day

Rome wasn’t built in a day

I recently travelled to Rome, for the very first time! I was super excited and I really loved it! Therefore here some of my “best of’s”:

Where to stay:

I decided to stay in Trastevere. It is one of the most traditional districts of Rome. It is touristic but not flooded. Many small alleys and fancy corners invite to stroll around. There are many restaurants and cafeterias with very good quality and reasonable prices (around half or less of what you pay in the center).

I chose a very nice flat via AirBnB in the center of Trastevere, very cute with everything you need. The highlight was the huge roof top terrasse. It was just perfect and very good quality for price; check it out:

Where to go:

Yes, Rome IS very touristic! Don’t get frightend by the tourists and check out some of the classical tourist hotspots. DO go to the Colosseum! It is just too impressive!

If you love middle age fairy tales (like I do!), visit Castel Sant’Angelo. It is very well maintained and it makes you feel like a real member of the nobility.

And there is a lovely walk from Trastevere up the Hill to Piazza Garibaldi and Piazzale del Faro where you have an amazing view over Rome and then down to the Vatican City.

Where to eat:

In the center of Rome everything is too touristic and overpriced. However, I discovered a lovely little place near the Castel Sant’Angelo (just crossing the bridge), which is not that expensive. I loved that the menu was only in Italian and you also need to have the Italian calm, because the waiters don’t have any hurry. Perfect place to eat high quality Italian food and calm down.

In Trastevere there were two places I loved! n die ich mich verliebt habe!

For lunch or a short snack

La prosciutteria Trastevere.

Just enter and tell them to prepare a plate for you (very hungry, medium hungry, etc.) and ask for some housewine. You’ll love it!

For dinner

At the Scala Trastevere you find a delicious selection of local dishes served by very friendly and attentive waiters.

Other I loved la Via dei Coronari. It has a lot of small shops be it Vintage or antiques shops, gelaterias or just tiny little fashion stores.

What is your personal Rome experience? What did you like most?


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