Five months of discipline – a recap

Five months of discipline – a recap

    As you might know, my blog is mainly about fashion, traveling, lifestyle (mainly food and events), and sports. I always say that everything is very much linked with each other. I love good food and that’s why sports is a must otherwise the fashion would fail…

I am a very curious person and when Jennifer from mybodytoning in Zurich asked me if I wanted to try a program, where my body would really transform, I couldn’t resist. She also told me that it would require quite a bit of discipline and engagement from my side.  I remembered the quote by motivation trainer and US author Jim Rohn: „Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.“ It’s cristal clear, without discipline it woulnd’t work and I’d rather „suffer the pain of disclipine“ that the pain of regret. On top my inherent curiosity was strong enough to stimulate my discipline.

I started the program in November, with a three weeks metabolism reset which I repeated in February together with a regular group workout and EMS (electronic muscle stimulations) training. Read about the details in my first, and second  blog post.

What I really like about Jennifer’s program is the long term approach. That’s why I waited five months in presenting you the first results. As a side note, between Christmas and February I had a break, because I was working out of town and was also two weeks on holiday.

After these five months, I feel just great. I feel more concious about my body, I feel more vital and energized. Talking about facts, my weight reduced by 8%, my body fat by 25% whilst my muscle mass increased by 8%. The most extreme change is the bio age, this reflects the state of your body, how healthy you are. My bio age dropped from 33 (my actual age) by 42% to 19! Yippieh! I am a teenager again! Or at least as vital as a teenager!

I am still working out with Jennifer and I will not stop. I really love here group classes in combination with the personal training sessions of EMS. In the 45 minutes sessions of group training we usually work with body weight, however she somehow manages to apply a mix of exercises which stimulate your muscles over and over again and you even train some muscles of which you didn’t even knew they exist. The EMS training is something you really have to try to understand how good it is. It’s a super intense twenty minutes session, but as efficient as a regular two hours workout.

And now it’s your turn! Who wants to join me for Jennifer’s workout and get ready and fit a hot summer? If you book a session of 10 group trainings for CHF 300.-by end of May you get two EMS sessions worth CHF 240.- for free! You see, you can only win, just bring a bit of motivation and discipline. Contact Jennifer here mentioning my blog. I look forward to meeting you at the mybodytoning sessions at Nuyu fitness.

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