Turicum – Gin from Zurich

Turicum – Gin from Zurich

Yesterday I was at the launch event of Zurich’s first own Gin “Turicum” (ancient name of Zurich).

For me Gin is a very delicate matter; if one of the ingredients is too dominant I often don’t like it at all. So I went there with no expectations. And was very positively surprised. The 12 herbs are very balanced and the Gin has a slightly fruity, round and warm taste. Ingredient Number 1 is Lime Blossom from Zurich’s famous Lindenhof square a peaceful place close to the river and old town.

The Gin was not only developed in Zurich by former Chef and Barkeeper Oliver Honegger, he and his partners Philip Angst, Merlin Kofler and Oscar Martin also picked and collected many of the ingredients themselves. And most important, they also produce and bottle the Gin in their production place in Zurich. Oliver worked almost a year on Turicum until he found the ultimative formula.

We have been offered several Gin Creations such as the Classic Gin and Tonic, “Zurich Mule” (Moscow Mule with Turicum Gin) and some fancy Gin Cocktails, but I preferred to enjoy it like a good Grappa, just pure.

You wanna try Turicum? A bottle of 500ml costs CHF 42.50 and can be ordered directly with the “Better Taste GmbH” the company founded by the Turicum boys.

For more information / si quieres mas información / für mehr Info:

Turicum’s Homepage and Facebook-Fanpage

Facebook-Fanseite von Turicum

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