Testbericht: Skipass geschenkt

Testbericht: Skipass geschenkt

Steel-blue sky, funny little clouds, ochre shades with golden reflections, impressive silver-grey massives with a soft carpet of dark green firs and dazzling white snow, that’s what comes to my mind, when I am thinking about the three days trip to the Jungfrau Ski Region. I was invited to test the offer „Skipass geschenkt“ together with my friend Jolie Zocchi, who took these beautiful pictures. We were lucky girls, because the weather and skiing conditions could not have been better and we’ve enjoyed three unforgettable days!

We stayed in Grindelwald, a little village in the heart of the Jungfrau Ski Region. The four star hotel “Eiger-Selfness” was like made for us. Modern rooms with a touch of rustic mountain-chic, very centric, with incredibly friendly and helpful staff. In the restaurant you find a nice selection of red and white wines and tipical Swiss plates such as Rösti, Racelette and Fondue. In the morning you have a huge selection of delicacies, local and fresh products, heavy and healthy options. We tested the group fitness in the mornings and evenings and it was very professional with this local touch, because many locals were joining. The Spa is great: You can chose between two Saunas, a steam bath and you can also book privat Spa sessions. The village is small, traditional, with a huge choice of restaurants and sports shops;  the perfect base for snow sports in the winter and hikes in the summer. If you don’t have too much luggage I would recommend to travel there by train, it’s very well connected and you can enjoy the stunning panoramic view.

On two of the three days we hit the slopes. From Grindelwald there are two easy options, the „kleine Scheidegg“ and the „Männlichen“. We decided to do one each day. To „kleine Scheidegg“ you take a cogwheel railway. It’s about a forty minutes ride, which I consider already part of the adventure, you become little by little acclimatized to the hight, you see the landscape changing and you have time to enjoy the remarkable panorama. Once up there you can marvell at the three famous mountains Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. During the climbing season you can even watch the brave climbers at the challenging Eigernordwand.

From there you have even with little snow still several slopes to choose. We found one which was perfect for us, being more easy-skiers. Although it was artificial snow it was more than okay to ski on. What made for me the difference to other skiing regions was the panorama. I think I was never skiing before with such a view. Sometimes I really had to make an effort to focus on the slope not on the views!

The second day we went to “Männlichen“. Just next to the hotel there is the station for the bus, that takes you in five minutes to the valley station and the cable railway takes you in thirty minutes to the peak of Männlichen. At the „kleine Scheidegg“, I was overwhelmed by the view, but what I saw at „Männlichen“ was priceless! It’s 200 meters higher than „Kleine Scheidegg“ and you have a bit more of a bird perspective. The views and landscape reminded my of the Mauna Kea Volcano in Hawaii. It was so perfect up there, that I would not have had a problem to just stay there for the entire day, take a sunbath, go for a hike and enjoy the view. Nevertheless, we decided to ski a bit. There are lot of slopes to choose and if there is more snow, you can even ski down to Grindelwald. 

For me it was a really unique skiing experience and there will be a repetition for sure!

If you now think this is a very costly adventure, I can reassure you it’s not. With the offer „Skipass geschenkt“ you can have a three nights and two days trip from 195 Swiss francs on. You find all infos here.

A huge thank you to Jungfrau Ski Region and Jungfraubahnen for offering us these skiing day. Even though this is a sponsored post, the content reflects my personal opinion.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

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