Eine Stadt, Ein Abo, 89 verschiedene Clubs


Ich bin ein Bewegungsmensch, das war ich schon immer. Wie ihr auf meinem Blog sieht, habe ich auch schon die verschiedensten Sportarten ausprobiert: von Tanzen, über EMS, Bootcamp und vieles mehr. Deshalb bin ich super happy, dass ich MyClubs entdeckt habe. Also, wenn ich ganz ehrlich bin, hat MyClubs ja mich entdeckt. Ich wurde an einen [...]

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Adidas Stella McCartney Fall Winter 17 collection


Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen In the last two weeks I had the chance to participate on many exciting events and I would like to speak about them one by one. I will start with on of my personal  highlights, the presentation of the Fall/Winter 17 adidas Stella McCartney collection. The collection I did not expect [...]

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Yoga and the city


Yoga and the summer Wie war Dein Sommer bis jetzt? Warst Du bereits in den Ferien, planst Du noch eine Reise, oder bleibst Du, so wie ich, in Zürich? Ich habe zurzeit viel zu tun, deshalb kann ich leider nicht gross verreisen. Nichtdestotrotz versuche ich einen Ausgleich und Entspannung zu finden; sozusagen ein bisschen Ferienfeeling in [...]

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Oh FILA mio


Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen Ok, I have to admit, I am probably not the only one that rediscovered the brand FILA,  but I think I can at least say, that as a real child of the nineties, I have REDISCOVERED it, not like some teenage bloggers which might think it’s a new brand… I remember, [...]

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mybodytoning title

Five months of discipline - a recap


Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen As you might know, my blog is mainly about fashion, traveling, lifestyle (mainly food and events), and sports. I always say that everything is very much linked with each other. I love good food and that’s why sports is a must otherwise the fashion would fail… I am a very curious [...]

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again in the grumpy phase...


Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen Do you remember, that I told you back in December about the metabolism reset I was doing with Jennifer? I promised you to update you after the first three weeks and then just before Christmas, when the program was over. But December was crazy, there was just too much going on (what [...]

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Testbericht: Skipass geschenkt


Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen Steel-blue sky, funny little clouds, ochre shades with golden reflections, impressive silver-grey massives with a soft carpet of dark green firs and dazzling white snow, that’s what comes to my mind, when I am thinking about the three days trip to the Jungfrau Ski Region. I was invited to test the [...]

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This scent of snow


Version en español mas abajo Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen Do you smell it? The winter air? It has this very special scent of freshness and snow. I think it’s just the moment to organize some skiing days. Those who know me, know also that I am more a beach girl than a mountain bunny, but [...]

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Now it's getting serious...


Version en español mas abajo    Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen If you see me on the street and I am grumpy and edgy don’t take it personally! I am doing a metabolism reset and I AM HUNGRY!!!!!! Let me tell you the story from the beginning: In July I won a three weeks workout with Jennifer [...]

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Support your soccer team in a stylish way!


Version en español mas abajo    Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen I am not big soccer fan. However during the Euro- and Worldcup I love to identify myself with a nation and watch the games. But my distinctive aesthetic sense suffers over and over again, when I see all this beautiful girls in this very unspectacular baggy fanshirts. This is also the [...]

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www.jesca.li swiss city boot camp

Reboot Challenge; it's a wrap


Version en español mas abajo    Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen It’s incredible, I have the feeling that I have just started the reboot challenge and now it is already over! I would like to summarize the three weeks for you and encourage you to take up the challenge too. I was hesitating a lot at the [...]

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Reboot Challenge by Swiss City Boot Camp


Version en español mas abajo    Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen Today I start a challenge, the reboot challenge by Swiss City Boot Camp. What does this mean? It mean to get up every weekday around 05:30 (very early for a night owl like me) and workout with my reboot colleagues from 6:30 to 7:30. I had [...]

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jesca adidas paris -5

Urban Nomad – a shoe that describes my lifestye


Version en español mas abajo    Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen Yes, I am an Urban Nomad. Last year I have been to California, Hawaii, twice to Copenhagen, twice to Paris, Rome, Napoli, Malaga, Vigo,  Madrid and so on. This year I have crossed the US from East to West, I’ve enjoyed the beaches of Thailand and [...]

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A/SH x adidas originals and a Saturday afternoon plan for you


Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen You are sporty  you love to travel and you are totally fascinated by art and design?  Then you are a classic Urban Nomad. Which means that adidas has basically dedicated a lifestyle sneaker to you; the new model from adidas originals NMD, which has been launched the day before yesterday. Adidas Switzerland teamed up with [...]

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adidas tubular viral www.jesca.li

3 Stripes make me feel like a birthday girl


Version en español mas abajo    Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen About two weeks ago I received a parcel. My heartbeat accelerated as usual, when I get a surprise. When I discovered that the senders are my favourite three stripes, it beat even faster, because I knew, I would love the content. And so it happened: The adidas [...]

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Partner Exercise 2


Version en español mas abajo    Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen You remember? Mid October I showed you a partner exercise. Working out with someone is often much more fun, therefore I have a further one for you! You grab each others shoulder and try to push the other away. But just trying, because it is [...]

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Who is Charlène?


Interview mit und Tipps von Spitzensportlerin Charlène Keller

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define by www.jesca.li



Version en español mas abajo    Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen A perfect workout for me means being in a good shape, physically and mentally! Endurance, power, reaction, definition and inner balance. Todays exercise is mainly about definition, but in the end an exercise should always cope with all aspects. I show you two variations. Do [...]

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With this exercise you rule the next Victoria's Secret Show!


Version en español mas abajo    Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen This exercise looks and it is super simple. But effective as hell! There are no words needed, just try it out and you feel the effect! I suggest doing three sets of 20 repetitions. Do it slowly and in a controlled way and go to [...]

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sarakeller und jesca.li

Challenge your pulse


Version en español mas abajo    Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen This exercise has the simple aim to accelerate your pulse and improve your condition. It is an alternative to skipping rope. Find a straight line and jump from one side to the other. For extra power and swing you can use your arms. Make sure [...]

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Partner exercise 1


Version en español mas abajo    Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen This is one of these exercises, little kids would do just for fun, without knowing that it is a real good workout, because its real fun! You can do it with your roommate, your lover, your best friend or with your personal trainer like me. [...]

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Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing and the winner is...


Version en español mas abajo    Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen …and the workout goes on: With this exercise you train almost everything: Cardio, rhythm, coordination, legs, bottom, abdomen, back and shoulders. Look for stairs, some steps or a landing. Now you do „jumping jack-steps“ forward and at the same time shadow boxing with the opposite [...]

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Incline Pushups für starke Arme, Schultern und Bauch


Version en español mas abajo    Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen If you’ve recently ignored your arms, then you have to start to challenge them in a gentle way. The incline pushups are ideal für starters and re-starters. It is essential that you keep your tummy button in, like this your lumbar vertebra will be supported and you [...]

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Long-term goals, consistency and simplicity! And win a personal training


 Version en español mas abajo Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen Well, I told you, that I resumed moving, thanks to the workout with personal trainer Ercan Aktas (Tribalsports). Now, before showing you specific exercises, I would love to describe Ercans methods. If you want to become a body builder, Ercan might not be the adequate personal trainer [...]

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From standstill to motion



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adidas Supershell - Artwork Collection


In april Pharell Williams adidas originals supercolor conquered the world offering fifty different colors of the classic adidas superstar  and now he strikes for the second time with the Supershell! Pharrell Williams handpicked friends and creatives of all around the world and asked them to reinvent the shoe’s Shelltoe. The Artwork Collection is born with [...]

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adidas Standart19

adidas Standard 19: The new premium adidas training collection


Version en español mas abajo Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen. Today is the global release of the new premium collection of adidas Training, which represents a modern look for an urban active lifestyle. It is not only amazing engineered design, there is also a high level of functionality with sublte details and finest fabrics. A must [...]

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bday 3

The day the light is brighter


Today is my Birthday! For many people this just another day of the year. For me it is the most important day of the year. I don’t know why, but on my birthday the air smells differently, the light is brighter, the birds sing louder, the color of the flowers is more intense and my [...]

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Los Angeles

Riddle: One of my favourites cities and one of my favourite shoes?


Correct solution: …Tataaaa…(The brandnew adidas Originals) LOS ANGELES! The city of angels is for me a source of inspiration and energy. A colorful pot of people aiming to live their dreams in a huge but still beautiful city. There is so much creativity and positivity around that it is totally contagious. The new adidas Originals [...]

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Adidas Superstar Supercolor Launch Event


Launch of the Adidas Superstar Supercolor by Pharrell Williams

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Adidas Originals


Adidas Originals in different combinations

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Fan shirts


All Shirts are CHF 49.00 with CHF 4.00 Shipping Cost Fan Shirt Men Switzerland (one Size) Fan Shirt Women Switzerland (one Size) Fan Shirt Men Germany (one Size) Fan Shirt Women Germany (one Size) Fan Shirt Men France (one Size) Fan Shirt Women France (one Size) Fan Shirt Men Spain (one Size) Fan Shirt Women Spain (one Size) Fan Shirt Men Italy (one Size) Fan [...]

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The brandnew adidas ultra boost


the new adidas ultra boost will be launched tomorrow

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